Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Just published - the new Rebecca Ambrose romance novel. This is more of a 'sweet' romance, less raunchy than my usual books, but with quite an emotional story line that was very engaging to write . . .  
When Paula takes on the job of research assistant for famous novelist Andrew Carr, she hopes to make a smooth return to work after caring for her mother, Jill, who was injured in a road accident. Jill is a fan of his books, and soon Paula also comes under his spell, but Andrew can be difficult to deal with, and as Paula discovers more about his past she thinks she understands why.
Increasingly drawn to the wealthy, yet lonely, author Paula realises that he is also attracted to her, but she cannot bring herself to believe in the possibility of love between them. Even a research trip to her beloved Florence only complicates matters when Andrew thinks Paula has betrayed him. But even if she regains his love, can Paula forget her guilty past and find happiness?
This is a Rebecca Ambrose sweet romance. It contains some sex scenes, but not prolonged or very explicit in nature. It's out now at all the usual online ebookstores.

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