Sunday, 14 July 2013


'The Seductress,' first novel in my 'Naughty Nineties' trilogy, has been reviewed by Sacchi Green for Erotica Revealed

Here are some of the nice things she has to say about it:

Vivienne LaFay writes with a freshness and attention to historical and artistic (as well as anatomical) detail. What could have been just another formulaic travel framework to support sex scene after sex scene becomes a journey with as much fun to it as heat, and the colorful “Gay Nineties” era in all its contrasting licentiousness and repression makes a perfect setting . . .

LaFay makes Emma a heroine to inspire affection as well as lust, so when the requisite dark, mysterious stranger appears to be stalking her from city to city and attempting to win her over, while she reacts with a combination of unwilling attraction and repulsion, I hoped against hope that her self-possession and independence would not be diminished by the inevitable romance.

I needn’t have worried. We proceed to get plenty of mature, experienced sex, quirky, varied, occasionally innovative, and agreeably over-the-top. We also get a satisfying romance on Emma’s own terms, although the revelation of her lover’s deep dark secret falls rather flat, but the book already had me in a good mood, so I forgave that.

LaFay has written two sequels to The Seductress: The Mistress and The Actress. On the basis of this very entertaining book, I’d say those should be worth checking out as well.

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