Thursday, 4 April 2013


How many times have writers used the cliche of a couple caught in a storm, having to shelter together, and their emotions getting the better of them. The point is that, like most cliches, it rings true. I have even experienced it myself: sitting in a car in close proximity to a 'person of interest' while the rain battered down on the roof and one thing led to another.

There is something quite primal about heavy rain or a thunderstorm, bringing to mind the 'pathetic fallacy' that Nature is somehow reflecting our human emotions. This apparent synchronicity is often used to good effect, both on the printed page and in the movies. Storms=turbulent emotions as in 'storming around'; heat=sexual arousal, as in 'on heat;' wind=the 'wind of change' and so on.

I am about to use the caught in a storm cliche in my current novel, and make no apologies for it since in the place I am describing - Florence - one is very likely to encounter a sudden thunderstorm in the summer months. And of course there are some very interesting places to shelter - still working on that one!

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