Thursday, 1 November 2012

Rebecca's Writing Diary: Switching

No, this time I'm not referring to the practice of being submissive in one context and dominant in another. I'm thinking about switching between novels. Mostly once I start a book I like to press on until I finish it, but lately I have been looking at work I've previously abandoned to see if I can breathe new life into it. Maybe it's the 'Hallowe'en Effect' (I have, after all, just seen the new Tim Burton movie, 'Frankenweenie') but I hate to see abandoned corpses of novels littering up my computer.

So I'm putting the second novel of my sub-dom trilogy on hold and resurrecting a rather sweet romance between a female researcher and a best-selling author. In the past, for some reason writers were discouraged from writing about writers - why? Anyway, that taboo has long been broken. Wikipedia now has a whole list of them, including such relatively recent examples as Stephen King's 'Misery,' Joanne Harris's 'Blackberry Wine' and Amy Tan's 'The Bonesetter's Daughter.'

It is interesting to go back to one's writing after a longish break. I hardly ever revisit my published novels but, when I do, they read as though they were written by someone else which is a strange experience. But to resubmerge oneself in a world that one has previously imagined and continue the thread is very satisfying. I hope to have 'Undeserving Bride' on the Ebookshelves before too long.

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