Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I've just been told by my agent that editors consider my work 'too erotic' to fit into the current 'Fifty Shades' trend and need to be 'more romantic'. This makes me smile - ruefully. When I was sending my work to erotica publishers they often told me my novels were 'too romantic'!

What is a girl to do? This is a salutory reminder that in order to get published as a physical book your work needs to fit neatly into a slot 'so the booksellers know where to put it on the shelves.'

The history of Harlequin Mills and Boon, however, demonstrates that 'romance' comes in so many different guises that they have had to produce a whole series of sub-categories, from 'sweet' to 'hot'.

Fortunately, with Ebooks this problem is diminished. Although your book has to fit into a category of some kind, the definition is not as rigid as that required by bookstores. With the chance to sample your book, the potential customer can decide for themselves whether the tone and content of a novel will suit them.

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