Thursday, 12 April 2012


'Queenie and Tom, A Feline Romance' is now on the Ebookshelves! A novella about a couple of cats in love. I've tried to make it as convincing as possible, and it was great fun to write so I hope people will like it.

I know people who hate what they call 'anthropomorphic literature.' That's where you write about animals as if they were people. But I like to think my story is more 'Watership Down' than 'Little Grey Rabbit.' I don't make my cats wear frocks and drink cowslip tea. They lead perfectly catty lives, with nasty fights and painful matings in between being fussed by human beings and, occasionally, taken to the vet.

My own cat sadly died a few months ago and I guess writing this was a kind of therapy. Will I get another? Maybe. But meanwhile it's been fun to fantasise - and romanticise!

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