Friday, 24 February 2012

Rebecca's Musings: the Taste Test

Had a great lunch today at a riverside restaurant, and when I tasted the venison I'd ordered I could taste something spicy and sweet on the outside. After a while I realised it was allspice. Unexpected, but delicious!

Unusual and strong flavour combinations excite me. My favourite home-made ice cream is cardamom and rose water - mmm! Close second is ginger and lime.

But we wouldn't taste anything without our sense of smell. The two work in harmony somewhere in the palate. A relative of mine says she has lost her sense of smell - or at least it has been weakened. She tried a nasal spray years ago that turned out to be the culprit. As a result only strong scents and tastes really make their mark. How sad! It is the subtlety of smell and taste, those elusive over/undertones, that make them so intriguing to me.

The scent and taste of a man can offer so much, in the right circumstances! An intriguing cologne, fresh perspiration, even the scent of wine and/or tobacco can enhance a man's allure. Feasting and loving - so closely related!

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