Sunday, 22 January 2012

Rebecca Down Under!

Arrived in New South Wales earlier this week and so far have been basking in sunshine. The scenery in the Southern Highlands, where I am staying, is very like Devon, England, but suddenly a flock of bright red and blue parrots will appear to remind me that this is not, in fact, Exmoor.

Interesting how stimulating to the senses a new place can be especially as regards flora and fauna. The scent of Eucalyptus is everywhere on a hot day and as I associate the stuff with the coughs and colds of winter it is really strange to experience it here, in the heat, instead of back home in England, where it is freezing right now.

Maybe I will set my next book in Australia, which I now know quite well after visiting every year for several years. It is certainly a romantic country, young and vigorous with an outdoor and beach culture. Hm ... we'll see!

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