Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hot Weather Work Down Under

Most people seem to think the weather in Australia is hot and sunny most of the time, at least in summer. Well I have news for you - it ain't! Not in the area of the Southern Highlands that I visit, anyway. Here it is even wetter than the hilly part of England I live in, and that is quite wet enough.

The weather in this part of Australia is also very variable: the village where I'm staying can be shrouded in chilly mist for days, but drive a few kilometers towards the coast and tropical heat might hit you. Yesterday I left in jeans and thick shoes because it was raining and cold, but when I got to the coastal town of Kiama it was hot, hot, hot and I wished I'd worn shorts and sandals!

I was at an agricultural show, watching hunky Aussie males attack huge blocks of wood. They proceeded to scale a tall 'tree' of timber by placing wedges at intervals and then attacking a log at the top. Heavy work at the best of times, but in that blazing heat!!!

What is it that is so exciting about watching men at work? Especially young bucks displaying their power and energy. I guess the phrase 'on the job,' that is sometimes used to describe sexual intercourse, gives some idea. A male of the species working away at full strength and with total concentration is undoubtedly sexy to the female and this is probably true anywhere you look in the animal kingdom. Think of those showy displays that other mammals put on, as well as parading birds. They are all saying to the femials 'Watch me, I'm the best!'

And we females fall for it, every time!

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