Thursday, 8 December 2011

Rebecca's Writing Diary

Multiple Viewpoint:

When I first started reading romantic fiction you hardly ever got inside the man's head, it
was all written from the female viewpoint. Somewhere along the line this changed, and
now it is quite usual to have a dual viewpoint narrative, although the woman's angle
always takes precedence.

My current novel is mainly written from the heroine's point of view, but every so often I
like to show what the hero is thinking and feeling. That way the old stereotypes can be
played around with: a man can feel as well as think, and a woman can be rational as well
as emotional.

Love changes people, and sometimes a man or woman can be surprised by what is
happening to them. As a writer you can't always convey this through external action or
dialogue, so it is necessary to have your characters reflect on - sometimes marvel at - their
new feelings for the other person.

My current hero has always taken love lightly, going for women who were not looking for
long term commitment. Maybe he has broken a few hearts along the way, but he has not
lost any sleep over it. So to find he has fallen for a sweet, and somewhat innocent, girl is
a real shock to him. He simply does not know how to behave. There is no satnav of the
heart to guide him through this unknown territory. Only by going into his viewpoint can
this dilemma be fully explored.

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